Sunday, October 17, 2010


Pictures from my new series called IMPRESSION.
The series focuses on the clothing that women think they should wear, or are told what to wear, to impress someone in a sexual manner. There is a physical mark that is left from these clothes, showing the discomfort women go through.


  1. Amazing series. Love the commentary.

  2. Gorgeous.

  3. I find it odd and a little sad that this post has three comments, whereas the tumblr post on it has more than 28,000 notes. (

    Either way, beautiful.

  4. I will never understand this trend of men feeling the need to comment on how torturous women’s undergarments must be. You definitely aren’t the first man in history to make that presumptuous mistake either.

    I expect you’ve never been a 38DDD and felt the wondrous support of a well-constructed corset or the joy of finding a bra you can actually run in without your own body causing the pain, not the undergarment. If you actually want to show women’s discomfort, I would recommend looking at the discomfort caused by dehumanizing images that decapitates the photographed subject.

    1. There is no assumption that all women feel uncomfortable or are obligated to wear this. But many of us indeed, are, and not even in the context of trying to atract someone sexually. So many women feel obligated by their families and by society itself to wear this, so much indeed that by simply refusing to wear heels or a brassiere, you could get rejected from a potential job.
      The woman or women reflected in this pictures are clearly not a 38DDD, and they probably could do without a bra perfectly fine. And if wearing these garments causes you confort and not a feeling of opression, then good for you! But here are all kinds of individuals out there, and you can't say their experiences aren't valid just cause they don't reflect your own.

  5. I think they real issue is you are portraying this as people who aren't wearing the correct size of undergarments. I don't think women feel as obligated to wear bras anymore, they do if they cant, and if you are too busty you cannot. And I don't think too many women wear bras for their male counterparts. I think maybe some more research rather than, thinking sometimes women's clothes leave a mark on their skin.

  6. YES YES YES. Thank you so much for this. No matter what bra, panties, or heels I wear they leave marks and are not comfortable.

    For me, bras were the biggest thing. I've had fittings. I've tried on and paid too much for countless uncomfortable contraptions. I've never enjoyed wearing them, but I was convinced that boobs had to appear smooth, even and round. I mean, that's all I ever fucking saw. No nipples could ever be showing!

    But then I thought about how it's really all just show and sexual and fashion and decided, fuck it, I'm not wearing them anymore.

    And I'm extremely happy about that decision.

    I don't have big tits, but after testimonial from bra-free big boob'd ladies and some research I'm sceptical about the "big boobs can never go without support." If your boobs have been trapped in a bra the majority of their life it makes sense that the ligaments which are designed to support your boobs and hold them up will become weak, so that when you stop wearing a bra your tits will hurt. From what I've read this goes away after a few days.

    But what makes the most sense to me is simply that thousands of years ago no one wore bras. Our bodies know how to support themselves; we don't develop bras to go with our new bewebies at puberty. Boobs jiggle and bounce and flop around naturally. When you take off a bra, there's this "ahhh" feeling. Obviously my body is trying to communicate. I don't need any more evidence than this. It's logical.

    And you know, I think it's really cool to see a guy acknowledge this stuff, because the majority of men I know don't think about the woman's body in terms other than what they feel towards it sexually. Like, "I like to see your tits pushed up. Your legs look sexier in those heels. That corset is hot." Which is well and good, but it puts pressure on women to wear that stuff to be presentable and pleasing to the eyeballs. So thanks.

  7. For me, I don't think it even needs to be seen as a direct criticism about women's "uncomfortable" undergarments, but more as a discussion on our use of clothing in society. It would be even more interesting to me to see some imprints left by belts, jeans' waistbands, sock cuffs, wedding rings, glasses... by men AND women. Within historical and cultural context, yes it refers to all of the concepts explored above, but to me i'd love to see it broadened and taken further. Love the photos anyway!

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  9. Wow. u created an awesome picture! really!

  10. This is just amazing. I hate wearing bras. Makes me have back fat. When I don't wear bras my back is perfectly fine. But society keeps telling women that your boobs can't be shown sagging or nipples showing. It's a disgrace.

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