Monday, February 8, 2010

Empire of Images

Sometimes I get bored of visual media and decide to write....

In an empire of images I look at you through an aperture of truth.

My promise is to look at you like no one has done before.

I look to see, to see through you, to see what’s inside.

Distorted, manipulated, revised and edited beyond what is

truly possible, what is real, but what is real? An image is just an image,

where it came from, where it ends up, came through the same mind that

conceived the image to begin with. It’s the feeling in your soul, where you

create, you take hold of your sole and inspect it from every angle, from every

crevice. I have finally woken up to the realization that there is nothing real,

nor there is nothing fake, there is nothing but what is in front of my eyes.

Nothing is clearer or hence divine when you focus onto what is your subject

And what is not your subject. Time and space. Perfections ironically within

imperfections. Sight without sound. Shadows build your perceptions in your

Search for light. Reflections on an eye can only be seen by another eye.

© Justin Bartels 2010 All Rights Reserved

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